Wednesday, September 17, 2014

hey! so this week was pretty eventful, we had an apostle speak last night, it was Richard. G Scott. We felt really lucky to catch him, all the dutch people before us never got one despite how long they were in here for. So I thought that was pretty cool. He talked about prayer and communication with God, and how God answers prayers and sometimes doesnt answer prayers depending on whats best for us and in accordance with his will. It was a really cool and interesting talk that really made me think about what sincere prayer is. Our district of 5 is the favorite in the zone and our branch presidency loves us. The other dutch speaking missionaries just left so we're already the oldest dutch speakers at the MTC, a new group going to the netherlands comes in today so we're pretty excited to get some new people. I havnt broken the record yet but probably next week hahah, in other news our pretend investigator we were teaching just turned out to be our new teacher at the MTC! they made it seem like he was a volunteer pretending to be an investigator and then one day during class he just walked in and announced he was actually our teacher, hahah it was pretty funny, his name is brother norton and he's the only dutch teacher who's been to suriname. He's awesome and is one of the best teachers i've ever had. Speaking dutch has gotten a lot better for me. A couple days ago we had a water fight in our residency, ill send you a picture or two once I bring my camera down to the email place later today, it was pretty sweet. And since it was p-day eve last night we built a blanket fort with our mattresses and sheets (also epic) so that was fun too. Im still having a great time and have definitely learned a lot. My companions are awesome and we do a great job of helping each other out. I love hearing about whats happening at home so keep me updated with that too! Love you guys!

So apparently, something was wrong with Elder Carpenter's camera, and as I was panicking, he emailed back and said he thinks he fixed it.  We'll see. 

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